Stephany Potvin


Stephany Potvin (°1988, Calgary, Canada)
“Just me” not what “society” pressures; Raw art that focuses on self-expression
through variety of mediums primarily acrylics.

Stephany wants the viewer to experience
the sights to feel or uncut emotions to see; becoming part of her art as a kind of added
Being a self-taught, self-representing artist Stephany strives for success in ability;
constantly learning, mastering new techniques and experimenting with the blending
palette. Preparing her for the next phase to start after nominated for Art Trends
Magazine Artist of the Year 2015 finishing top 10.

The artist’s work is published on multiple online and paper back forums. Stephany’s paintings have been exhibited in Lab Arts 2015, Art in the Park(Allen), and Art walk Edmonton.

Stephany excited for this journey that is just beginning, her creations can be
found in local business, offices and private galleries around Alberta.

Twitter: @stephanitlydc