Jenessah Dumansky



Jenessah is a local, self-taught, Vancouver artist.  She is 19 years old and is currently going to Kwanten Polytechnic University to get her Bachelors in Fine Arts.                       Jenessah started out by drawing when she was 15 and kept up the hobby ever since then. 



She then introduced watercolour into her pieces and fell in love immediately.  Jenessah has found a passion for creating unique, edgy, and psychedelic watercolour pieces. 

She loves letting her creativity flow, and embracing the one-of-a-kind aspect that her art offers. 






Jenessah has branched out her art into an independent business in which you can find blog posts, artwork, and contact info for commission inquiries/collaborations on Facebook at


She also has an Instagram page which showcases the progress of her artwork over the years, which you can find at