David Kilpatrick

I am a self taught artist trusting in my own perceptions and using a method of drawing which is different than what I was taught in school. 
I have been painting for thirty years. I first painted in oils and then switched to acrylics because they allow me to paint in a way that is similar to the detailed drawing style I use.  I have adapted my painting style to one familiar with water colour artists creating the painting by adding layers of a slightly different tonal value or colour. I first identify and apply the mid range colour of the particular area I am painting.
Once the paint has dried I work back into the colour with darker and lighter layers of paint creating different values of the same colour, or I add a complimentary colour to the transition between defining areas of the subject to create a subtle change in temperature a mood. 

My subject matter is varied. I like to paint wildlife, people, and more recently themes with metaphysical aspect to them.
My goal is to create an understanding of Oneness through an appreciation for nature and humanity with a greater understanding of, and an expansion in, consciousness for the viewer.