Dana Ahmed Al-Safar


A Qatari artist. Bachelor graduate from Qatar University in Business management/ Marketing 2012. Started in art through printing inscription, which she mixed between writing short story and printing.



She have joint many fine art workshops like: The modern Impressionistic portrait. Portrait drawing at VCU. Modulation techniques different ores.

In addition, she presented different art workshops for children for (Dreema 2013 and summer & Art 2014, spring festival 2015, best buddies 2016).

For the adult she presented a workshop called “the small painting” at The Youth Creative Art Center.


Furthermore, she participated in many local art exhibitions (Qatari Art Exhibition, from Qatar Exhibition, Realist art gallery, Qatar foundation art atelier 2016).

Also she participated in some exhibitions abroad (the Qatari fine art in Oman 2014).

Instagram: @danapearls