Eunna Choi


An artist who expresses the relaxation made of shapes and lines using blue color.

Artist Statement

I mainly draw digital illustrations. After sketching with a pencil, I grab figuration with a shape, and use a variety of blue tones to create a relaxed feel by using a computer. When I use computer, I express texture such as ink, watercolor, and coloring. The advantage of this is that can be create modern paintings with a variety of techniques, and giving viewer a comfortable feel.

I get motif from nature. By drawing it, I am fascinated by making people and me peaceful and stable. A unique thing about my paintings is blue to create my own space. I can invite others in blue space and try to provide a space for rest.

The blue color represents depression, hurt, pain, and coolness, but I convey a hopeful message that shows audience that people can change their life while showing a variety of color changes with a blue color.

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