E S Piteau

After a decade and a half of working immersed in the tech industry, I now choose to express myself with the more organic method of creating art divorced of the digital realm. It is a quest to recapture the spirit of manual graphic art making in a brave new world imbued with automation and human-replacing technologies. My gestures across canvas and other mediums explore the human condition of being in our time, using a combination of color field, abstraction, and action painting. The process occurs with or without an end goal in mind; often inspired from listening to Jazz and other music. Painting this way can feel like a dance, where visually dissonant rhythmic correlations emerge to defy formal methodology.

I believe having continuous visual access to original art in our surroundings can have a profound effect on our emotional state -- inspire creativity, enhance our mood, raise feelings of empowerment and even uplift our humanity. But we are all different and the powers of subjectivity determine our paradigm. How do we know when this occurs? It is something we can feel and transcend, when our mind is more calm, at rest, naturally gazing at works of art. Take a few steps forward, a few steps back, and a certain aesthetic value begins to emerge. Give it a try...