"Bartender's Choice" (2m)

Film Description

A man walks into a bar. He’s parched, maybe a little winded from the walk and his blood’s running hot. A cold drink might do the trick, but the trouble starts when he can’t articulate his order.

Filmmaker Bio

Jake Warren is an emerging film director, producer, and amateur pizza chef in pursuit of life’s narratives. Jake began his filmmaking career as the co-producer and assistant director of the short film “Mr. Lamaze’s Dire Love” which premiered in the Short Film Corner of the 65th Cannes Film Festival. Jake began working in the props department on film and television productions filming in the Vancouver, BC area. Throughout his time in the props department, Jake augmented his film production knowledge by virtue of observations and discussions with world class prop masters, producers, directors, and actors. After a summer of travel and soul searching from New York City to Mazatlán, México, Jake moved to Bellingham, WA to open Finestrino Film Company and pursue a career directing and producing films. Named after an Italian word for 'little window', Finestrino is both a metaphor for the camera and an homage to Jake's Italian ancestry.

Director’s Note

Communicating expectations can be difficult, especially when you’re asking people to do things for you. Often we communicate a desired result without thought to the process another must go through in order to deliver that result. It’s easy logic, just say what you want and it shall be done. But result-oriented direction rarely achieves our desired result because we all have different tastes and preferences. What one finds cool and refreshing, another may find vile and repulsive. “Bartender’s Choice” pokes fun at these frustrating moments in life and lets us live out our fantasy of dishing out some much needed karma.