"The Unknown" (15m)

Film Description

A woman reporter fears for the lives of her family members, two children, and a handicapped husband, since the announcement that the foreign military forces are scheduled to leave Afghanistan in 2014. She searches for ways to create a safety nest for them before everything, in her imagination, turns into chaos.


Producer: S. Ali Mousavi Azad
Director: Abdul Ghafar Falzyar
Production: Tora Bora Media

Director's Bio:

Abdul Ghafar Faizyar was born in Kabul city in 1984. When he was a child, his family migrated to Iran. He completed his education in Iran and passed some cinema skills training courses. He then returned to Afghanistan in 2002 and continued his education. Since 2004, he has worked for several private television companies as a director, producer, editor and technical advisor. He has written and directed a few short films, and in 2014 he was among the Talents of the 64th Berlinale Film Festival.

Producer's Bio:

Ali Mousavi “Azad” is a founding member, and Art Director of the Police Film Festival in Afghanistan. He is an inspiring member of Afghanistan’s new generation of filmmakers, and his films have been selected for international film festivals.

Director’s Note:

“The Unknown” is my second short film focusing on the psychological pressure that Afghans are facing these days. As a young filmmaker in Afghanistan, I wanted to film a story of a modern Afghan woman reporter, and how she is affected by the hopelessness and negative mentalities of the people in her surroundings. As I show in the film, it is not just her who is affected by this situation. Therefore, I thought it is important to share the film with the rest of the world.