Christa Joe lives on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada. Having grown up on the prairies, Christa never takes the view of the mountains, forest, and ocean for granted. She shares her home with a compassionate, fearless husband and three energetic, athletic boys who motivate her to be better every day. Christa’s immediate family have followed her west, something she is always thankful for. Her parents serve as a secondary set of parents to her children, and the bond between them is very special. In addition, watching her nephews grow into fine young men has brought Christa happiness. Their home is their refuge, surrounded by beauty in every aspect of life. The surrounding community is supported by friends and neighbours alike, and Christa values the bonds of friendship.

Christa has a serious admiration for many artists, and loves the feeling of getting lost in a piece- growing fonder of it every day. Her home is filled with colourful works, each piece reminding the family of a special time or place.


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FB: Christa Joe ART

IG: @christajoeart

On days when I let myself get lost in my studio, my cheeks ache from smiling. It is my happy place, my safety, my sanctuary. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do.
— Christa Joe