Mark James is fairly new to the world of art as a creator, rather than a viewer. He began painting on his 33rd birthday, when he first picked up a paint brush and put it to canvas.

Mark is self taught, and has experimented with different styles and subject matter for the last three years. He has since found his direction in his preference for black and white, which brings out the light and shadows in his pieces.

Mark hopes that his viewers get lost in a fantasy of beauty, seduction, surrender, and intrigue while looking at his art- the possibility of being lost, and holding on to the fantasy for an endless time.

Connect with Mark:

Tw: @markjames28
IG: @mark.james28


Art for me isn’t worth beginning if the idea doesn’t evoke emotion. My goal with every painting is for my future viewers to feel something when they view it. I am inspired by light, shadows, and the mystery of darkness. Anonymity of human form, passion, lust, spiritual enlightenment, and connection to nature.
— Mark James