Padam was born in 1935, and was known by the name Morley Wiseman in the early years of his varied artistic career. Dance was his first discipline, and he received the first  grant for dance from the Canada Council in 1957. This enabled him to complete his training at The Royal Ballet School in London, England. From there he went on to dance professionally with The National Ballet of Canada, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, The Royal Winnipeg Ballet, and The London Festival Ballet.

After dancing around the world, Padam founded Ballet Horizons, Vancouver’s first professional ballet company. His passion for movement and anatomy led him to develop the “Wiseman Technique”, a physical training technique that facilitates body awareness, strength, and health.

Padam’s art is unique, as he brings an awareness of human anatomy and movement, and a lifetime of dance experience to his sculptural work. It was a natural progression from his figurative works of drawing and painting to result in bronze sculpture.

In 1994, at a ceremony attended by Her Excellency Consulate General of Canada, Miss Lillian Thompsen and many other guests, Padam presented two bronze sculptures. The sculptures were entitled “Dancer” and “Galina Samsova”, and they were presented to the St. Petersburg State Museum of Theatrical and Musical Arts. In 1998, another pair of bronzes entitled “Rudolf Nureyev” were presented again to the St. Petersburg State Museum and are featured in the Rudolf Nureyev Gallery.

Padam created multiple images of the hooded head of St Benedict and during the millennium (2000), Padam’s image of St. Benedict won a global logo-design contest sponsored by Benedictine liqueur. With a team of assistants, an image, that he had created 17 years earlier, was submitted to the jury by e-mail with the caption “A HEAD OF ITS TIME”. They loved it.

Known as an eclectic Vancouver artist, for the past several years, sculpture has been Padam’s main focus. Creating beautiful sculptures, while enjoying all the wonders that Vancouver offers, Padam hopes you enjoy his latest sculpture, “ORA LABORA”.

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