For K.T Pirquet, it began with horses. At the age of 5, she traced them in books, adoring their mass and contours. She then began to draw obsessively from life and memory, gathering all of nature into her passion for art. The camera her dad gave her when she was 6 still supports her work. She remains a compulsive doodler, staring at things.


In 1970, K.T earned a BSc in Forest Biology from SUNY CESF in Syracuse. She then moved to Canada and did three years of graduate studies in Biological Oceanography. She then worked as a landscaper, zookeeper, ambulance medic, university instructor, professional writer, magazine editor, graphic artist, cartoonist, journalist, certified math and science teacher. In her free time she climbed mountains, camped in the snow, sailed yachts, lived abroad, canoed rivers, rode horses, sang and played the guitar...and raised three kids.


K.T’s drawing, painting, and photography survived many lapses throughout the years. In the ‘90s, a decade of black ink and brush drawing was kicked off by a course from the late Jack Wise. K.T rendered real and imagined West Coast landscapes that are atmospheric and wild.



Recently, K.T’s work is focused on illustration with ink, permanent markers, or water colours. She loves the saturated jewel colours of the inks, and the ability to render fine, abstract patterns and effects. She is still exploring how to marry her passion for raw nature in this new medium.

K.T is driven by the need to express things for which there are no words. She uses art to express her emotions and spirit. Mathematics are integrated in our minds, which is why the emotional reaction to chaos is wonder. K.T attributes her love of chaos to the scientist in her. Not the chaos of squalor and bullets, but the exquisite chaos of complexity theory, fractals, and emergent properties.

A mentor once told me to get out of my own way, and let whatever my mind feels, or wants to say fall from my hands in its own language. I am always trying to do that. As often as I achieve disappointment, what falls out can astonish me. I seem to be obsessed with nature: water, trees, dirt and rocks, colour, shapes, and patterns of all kinds, plants and animals, the West Coast, water, the mountains—anything that walks, crawls or slithers, grows, erodes or flows…. Like the Fool of the Tarot, I just show up, let go, and hope the emergent properties that result will say something worth saying.
— K.T Pirquet

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