Matt Connelly’s art is his passion. This is nothing new, as many people share this view. What is different, however, is that Matt’s work is just that, his own. Painting is an emotional journey for Matt each and every time he embarks on a new piece of work. When looking at a blank space, he is both scared to death and excited all at once. He likes to think that by embracing these emotions and using them as a guide, the work that is produced will be unique to him

Matt is from Victoria, Canada, and his work has been influenced by the amazing vistas of that area, as well as his travels throughout the world. In particular, he has been influenced by the raw, edginess of urban space, and the peace of the rural landscapes. His artistic vision has been influenced by artists like Pollock, Ossorio and Mondrian. Above all, his work comes from within, as Matt explores the depths of his mind and soul, and lets the passion flow into the medium before him.

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IG: @mattconnmedia