Daniel Cleghorn is a Calgary, AB based artist and ACAD graduate who works in the realm of sculpture, performance, and mixed media. Daniel attended a symposium at Northlands Glass in Scotland and has exhibited in Sydney, Australia and around Calgary. He was chosen for Barbra Edwards Contemporary’s ‘Hand Pic’d’ and shown in Alberta Printmaker’s ‘Singular Repetition’. Daniel is a co­founder and curator of the Plethora Artist Guild, presenting over twenty emerging artists from around Calgary. In addition, he has an upcoming artist residency this summer at Zona Imaginaria in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Using my work as a divider between the viewer and myself, I am interested in how the use of materials and forms combined with personal subject matter will affect the observer. For me, it is important that my work is personal, so that I can react accordingly and honestly to the process of creation of the final piece. I want the viewers to perceive the subject as personal to them.
— Daniel Cleghorn


Growing up in small towns and big cities, Daniel was interested in relationships between ‘place’ and the creation of identity from forgotten memory. He explores how the past is retained within the individual, as he believes it is the experiences of the past that shapes us. Thus memory is the foundation on which we build our identity. This foundation is malleable and in flux between what is remembered and forgotten, manipulating our perception of ourselves and the present. This fluctuation keeps us constantly questioning our identities. Daniel draws from his personal experiences with PTSD and the effect it has on abstracting one's identity. Through his artwork he tries to provoke feelings of empathy in the relationship between himself, the viewer, and the piece.


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