ShinLiArt : ShinDanbiLiSeokArt


ShinLiArt is a collaborative artist couple that speaks to the audience about everyday art. This combination is created through Shin Danbi’s love of artistic creation with Liseok’s professional media techniques - both connecting to represent a new era of modern installation art and an exclusive art medium specialized to ShinLiArt.



ShinLiArt is currently based in Italy’s capital Rome, Seoul in South Korea, and New York in America. ShinLiArt constantly thinks outside of the box, to create art that is extraordinary and unique to them, and is shown to the world through artistic means. Furthermore, their works contribute to art education, and add to the ever expanding modern art society.



The new collage series presented by ShinDanbi and LiSeok differs from their usual work, as they usually focus in the realms of installation and media art. This is a project created by the two in different places while sharing their daily lives. The two artists are currently situated quite far from each other, in Seoul and New York. It began out of wondering if anything could be created while being away from each other. The photos were taken simultaneously, despite a 14 hour time difference. The project aims to reveal the similarities of a completely different lifestyle between New York and Seoul.


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FB: @Shinliart 신단비이석예술

IG: @shinliart