Marlee Walchuk can still remember the sharp smell of oil paints and turpentine filling the room of the tiny heritage apartment where her grandparents lived, on 10th and Manitoba. She watched her grandfather, a master painter; replicate a Mona Lisa that would astound. It was in the genes.

Although Marlee was compelled to paint and draw, the force of music and performing in her family was stronger.  Her brother and sister, Judy and Jim, took her under their wing in their live shows and a CBC TV series from age 14.

Marlee’s post-graduate education was in Los Angeles at the Lee Strasberg Theatre institute for acting. Upon returning home to Vancouver, her career quickly escalated to commercials, television guest appearances, recording, writing, professional live theatre, touring, and many music and song-writing endeavours with her dance/pop duo, Sugarbeach.

In 2001, Marlee moved to Sydney, Australia for 6 years but only dabbled in painting for friends. She returned to Vancouver with Nathalie Callender, the woman she credits with many things, including her return to art. Nathalie placed a large canvas in their living room until Marlee finally put some paint on it.


Marlee has been painting like crazy since February 2015, and has participated at the Performing Arts Lodge, the North Vancouver Twilight Markets, Off the Rail Brewing Company, The Anonymous Art Show, RAW Natural Born Artists Show and now Lab Art Show.

Marlee loves colour, and lots of it. Bold, bright, emotion-evoking colour. Her subjects range from rich landscapes to playful characters, music, and city themes. She mostly uses palette knives - they make her feel freer and that is what her life is all about now.


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FB/Tw/IG: @MarleeWalchuk