Inspired by the harmonic forms of nature – Ari Lazer has built his professional practice investigating and re-framing the geometric forms of our world.  For the better part of a decade Ari has been fascinated with traditional art of Sacred Geometry, and the way it’s forms unite both ancient wisdom traditions and modern scientific discoveries.  

His current artwork, working with wood, mirror, fabric, and paper, explore compelling ways that simple shapes of the compass – the circle, the triangle, square, pentagon and hexagon – mirror the exquisite beauty of the natural world.

Upon discovering the striking similarity of the molecules of graphite he was using to draw and the 6-fold symmetry of the overlapping arcs of the compass, Lazer set out to chronicle these emergent patterns of nature.  

His journey led him to explore the philotactic patterns of plants, elegant planetary orbits, biological processes, and the mysteries of quantum physics. It also led him to explore the wisdom traditions of the world, and the common theme of using geometric form to describe mythological truths of the culture they reside in.

Ari currently works with traditional woodworking techniques and a CNC laser to create works exploring these living themes. Starting from illustration and compass design on paper, he uses modern digital techniques to translate hand drawings into computer-aided cuttings. Next he assembles the forms to explore light, shape and form, creating modern works in a canon centuries old.

His contemporary works include distinctive lighting, illuminated mirrors, elegant topographical 2D works and 3D light sculptures.

Ari has presented installation artwork in conjunction with the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Vancouver International Folk Festival, Shambhalla Music Festival, Beloved Open Air Sacred Music Festival, and the Burning Man Arts Festival, along with many others.  

Additionally, Ari has served as Artistic Producer for two of Vancouver’s flagship public arts festivals, the Illuminares Lantern Festival (2012) and the Parade of Lost Souls Festival (2010-2012).



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