Kristy Hansen is the designer and artist behind Scandinavia Wolf Designs. Originally from the lush valley of Nelson, B.C, Kristy now lives in Vancouver. Her art comes in many different forms; from painting to textiles, to jewellery and pieces for interior design.  

Art, design, creativity, passion, and hard work have always been a part of Kristy’s life, and runs in her family. She draws inspiration from her family; her mum always pushed ahead and worked her way to the top in anything she did, her grandma a seamstress, her grandpa a painter, and her dad a woodworker. From a young age, she remembers watching their satisfaction taking a raw material, and building it into a usable piece.


Kristy knew that it was her calling to become an artisan, but it was a long journey of self-discovery and perseverance before she felt truly confident as an artist. For her, life is a journey, and it teaches her to become better—to become wiser, more compassionate, grounded, and connected to the earth. Kristy feels extremely blessed to be able to create with the support of people around her, and this inspires her to create original, one-of-a-kind pieces with good energy and meaning behind them.

Vancouver is a city that has more than its fair share of fallen people, and Kristy has found inspiration from this. Her branch art symbolizes rising from the depths of despair and realizing one’s intrinsic beauty and self-worth. Kristy creates her art by finding fallen branches that normally wouldn’t warrant a second glance. From the forest floor she plucks the branch, cleans it up, sands it down, and applies painted detail (some similar to horn or bone). Next, she adds different complimentary elements such as gemstones with positive energy properties, and uplifting earth toned feathers—symbolic of the rise and triumph over adversity.

My work is inspired by the fall and rise of life itself. I love to claw through the not-so-pretty, broken surfaces to unveil something raw and natural with purpose. Something that with a little help can become a magnificent and beautiful inspiration in and of itself.

Kristy’s Scandinavia Wolf business is giving back. From November 13th onward, 10% of all branch art proceeds will be donated to a rotating charity around the lower mainland. The first charity will be Covenant House, a charity that provides a safe sanctuary for Vancouver's street youth. Hansen chooses charities that align with the core values of her art work.

When you own a piece of Scandinavia Wolf, a positive energy comes with it.

Connect with Kristy:
FB, Tw, IG: @scandinaviawolf