Ali Haji grew up in Waterloo, Ontario. A college dropout, Ali was determined to keep his art as a means of exploring creativity and imagination, in the form of digital illustrations and mixed media paintings. Raised in a multi-lingual home and diverse ethnic community, he was exposed to different perspectives and interests at an early age. This fostered a genuine interest in his earliest forms of self-expression through art.


Working part-time as a freelance graphic designer in the early years of his career, Ali later transitioned to more surreal constructs and imagery in his personal works. He devotes his free time developing new methods and styles that guide the viewer through the landscape on which his visual inspirations inhabit.



“The Holy Adoration” is a combination of computer graphic illustration and acrylic/oil-based paint on backdrops of canvas or art paper, blurring the line between fine and digital art.


Ali’s illustrations and paintings are submerged in a subtle layer of surrealism. His subjects are derived from cryptic dream-like panoramas that incorporate vibrant floras and vast ethereal planes. He juxtaposes these backdrops against his perception of the divine and vulnerable, stemming from his African and East Indian heritage.


These images deliver a contemporary look into the intersections of surrealism and individuality, exuding a sense of the otherworldly and metaphysical.


Now living in Vancouver, Ali aspires to focus on his artistic endeavors and continue creating work that awaken a sense of elation and curiosity within the viewer.

Contact Ali:

Tw: @alahjii