Born in Newfoundland, Joan began her interest in the arts at age 12 where she sketched the beauty of her small out port community; inspired by the beauty of the local coastline and the woods she explored as a child. At age 16 she moved to Calgary, where she continued to explore her surroundings and sketched the beauty of a city, so different from that in which she had grown up.


Joan experimented with watercolors and oils, but always went back to sketching. After taking time off from art to raise a family, Joan rediscovered her love for the arts and opened an art gallery in the town of Gananoque, Ontario.

It was there that she tried her hand at soapstone carving and found her true passion. Two years ago she and her husband moved to Alexandria, Virginia where she found that the Americans were very interested in her carvings of native Canadian animals, such as the polar bear.


Joan is an active member of three local galleries in the Alexandria area, serving on the board of one. Her future work will be focus on larger pieces of the miniatures she has been creating. She plans to return to return to Canada in 2017, continuing her work in soapstone carving, and broadening her audience within Canada and abroad.