Presented by Lab Art Show & Carnaval del Sol

By: Grace Yoon

Elvira Gonzalez is a Vancouver-based artist who is taking part in Latincouver's Carnaval del Sol on July 11-12, 2015 at Concord Pacific Place. We are happy to share with you her current project, a transformed piano, which will be on display at Carnaval del Sol. Come on down over the weekend and celebrate the communities represented at Vancouver's most exciting multicultural summer festival!

Lab Art Show: Briefly, please tell us about yourself; how you became an artist and what your career has been like so far.

Before I arrived in Vancouver, I lived in Mexico where I owned a company specializing in both commercial and residential mural paintings. We operated for twelve years, participating in a variety of projects, from nursery rooms to decorating Churches and Synagogues, among others...

Lab Art Show: What inspires your art work?

What inspires my art work is the Transformation that an unwanted, "forgotten" object, can undergo; once it's "rescued" through the process of "ornamentation", and then converting it into a truly one-of-a-kind piece, worthy to be seen.

Lab Art Show: What is your mission statement as an artist?

My mission as an artist is to inject new life into what otherwise would be considered trash. Transforming it into art and extending its life cycle.

Lab Art Show: How did you get the opportunity to paint the piano?

I was scavenging a junk yard in search of a window for my kitchen when I came across this old forgotten piano, sitting in a corner surrounded by other forgotten objects. I was struck by Cupid's arrow and had no choice but to bring the piano home and grant is new life!

Lab Art Show: What was your goal when painting this piece?

My goal was to begin producing a line of ornamental art created from "forgotten objects" that have been redeemed and transformed into art. I have titled my line HOT: Highly Ornamental Trash.

Lab Art Show: Do you typically paint objects like pianos or do you prefer canvases? What is your preferred medium?

I prefer the randomness of experimenting with new media and ornamenting forgotten objects versus working with the traditional painter's canvas. These forgotten objects become my canvas.

Lab Art Show: How long did it take you to complete the piano? What mediums did you use?

It took me four months to complete the ornamentation of the piano. The mediums used include hand painted embossed paper applied on wood, using acrylic paint.

Lab Art Show: What is the message/symbolism behind the painted piano?

The piano includes a small window, showing a piece of sky, which represents the piano's "peaceful" interior. In the top centre, the viewer comes across an ignited heart, which represents the new beating life of this lucky object!

Lab Art Show: Where can this piece be found?

Please inquire at

Lab Art Show: Please tell us about your involvement with Carnaval del Sol and with the art community in Vancouver.

My involvement with Carnaval del Sol is just pure enthusiastic participation, hoping for my work to be seen.

Lab Art Show: Are you currently working on future projects and if so, what are they?

I am currently working on more "HOT" (highly ornamental trash) items. I am also working on a photography product we named "Transportraits": Your portrait tansported with imagination and digital art to tell a tale through Photo Image Composition that captures: A moment. An Emotion. A Skill. A Pet. A Sport. A Hobby. A Place. To preserve and remember...