Interview: Kito Tosetti's Elements

by: Julia Wong

Kito Tosetti is a photographer and digital artist from Brazil who began to experiment with the integration of art and technology at the end of the 80s. Tosetti’s current show, Elements is an expression of how reality is perceived and distorted through individual experience.

“The theme I chose here is elements that produce realities. The way we perceive... not only colour, but the way we put things together. The range that human eyes can see is a very subjective thing... everyone has a very different interpretation of what is around them.”

Tosetti began by photographing objects that captured his interest through textures, light reflection, and colour. He explored the idea that every individual has a varying spectrum of colours available to them, making their perception highly unique. The images are developed as he worked, and the result is often unpredictable.



“I’ve been working with this combination of software and images for a while. I define the objects that work better with the recipe that I developed, so glass objects like vases and bottles...they gave me results that I loved. Glass became a kind of obsession, so I took a lot of photos.”


Beyond individual perception, Tosetti was interested in exploring outside influences in interpreting reality. Inspired by the mathematician Fibonacci, who derived a mathematical system that can be observed in the patterns of the natural world, Tosetti used software that used fractal math to disintegrate the image.





“Fractal is also very good for more acid colours to create a psychedelic effect [which is] linked to our neural chemistry. If you alter our neural chemistry, you start seeing different realities. Neurologists are researching a lot about DMT, which is a neuro-chemical that every single living being has. If you alter that, you start seeing different geometries and patterns that you’ve never seen before. It is linked to the way we put together images in our brain. To me, fractal math in the digital world is like playing with the levels of DMT in the brain, you are completely changing the reality.”




“The artistic representations are purely based on the technologies of your own time, like when VanGogh was alive, the technology was oil paint, brushes, and canvases. Today we have a lot more to explore, that is what we should all do—experiment. “


Kito Tosetti’s Elements collection is available for viewing at the Nudelman Collection Floating Gallery on Granville Island from December 10-20.


IG: @studiotosetti