Dawna Werbeski is a Squamish, BC artist who paints with diverse application of acrylic and reactive resins on canvas, hardboard, paper and glass. Born in Gimli, Manitoba and daughter to parents in the Canadian Air Force, Dawna grew up in many towns and cities across Canada, and parts of Europe. Her parents appreciation for travel and the outdoors maximized her opportunity for exploration.

Dawna first held a paintbrush at the age of fourteen and ever since, nearly every article of clothing she owned had paint splattered on it. At a young age, she sold many commissioned pieces and created income from painting seasonal art on windows and creating chalk menus. She discovered her art style mostly through experimentation –eventually her exploration of style took it's form from  airbrush application which she still incorporates.




Recently, Dawna staged a silent art auction in her home to raise money for donation, and she plans to continue this tradition. A relatively new resident of Squamish and member of Visuals, Squamish Valley Artist's Society, she intends to become an integral part of her new art community.

Dawna’s body of work takes its inspiration from moody landscapes with sinister lighting, embodying an undertone of threat or disquiet. She focuses on details like light distribution for a sense of realism and grandeur. Dawna avoids expectation by allowing her forms to be created through the flux of fascination and expression. Through her work, Dawna aims to evoke an emotional reaction and prompt reflection from her audience.