Sandy works with sculpture and print, but enjoys tackling new mediums in order to gain experience, build concepts, and tell stories. She has extensive experience as a fine artist, and has degrees from Langara and the University of the Fraser Valley.





Free Floating Hostility investigates the psychological and social influences on the human heart that trigger a negative and defeatist attitude.The lino cut prints reflects how the heart can become increasingly distressed over ideals of love, romance, and the reality of loss, creating a feeling of free floating hostility. These feelings have been reported from some heart patients after a heart attack.



The black polyurethane rubber frames signifies loss and suffering. Inspired by Curtis White's, The Barbaric Heart, "tragically we have become eager participants in our own defeat, slaves to our own destruction". As individuals become more aware of their mortality, they search for deeper meanings within themselves in an attempt to understand the complexities of their past.