Michael Schmidt was born in Vancouver and he draws much of his inspiration from the coast. Although Michael has always had a keen interest in photography, he didn’t become truly passionate about it until his early 40’s. British Columbia provides endless opportunities for Michael to photograph the things he loves- cityscapes, natural landscapes, and of course the wildlife. Sometimes the shot is immediate, but often, the shot is found in the details: the isolation of two red leaves against an ambiguous background, water cascading down a chasm, or the geometric balance between chiseled stone, rusted metal and weathered paint. 

The driving force behind my artistic vision is a combination of curiosity, memory, time and feeling and their idiosyncratic relationships with colour. The challenge is always to create a vision that transcends the natural world, stimulates the imagination and exalts the world that is its inspiration.
— Michael Schmidt



Instead of chasing the elusive “perfect shot”, Michael takes images of things that move and inspire him: “The integrity of a photograph lies in what it captures beyond the purely natural.  It might be by virtue of its selection, its depth, angle, color combination, or balance of elemental forms, or by how it invites the viewer to suspend her remote point of view, come inside, and then how long she lingers there.”



Connect with Michael:

FB: MSPhotographyVancouver