Olga Turok discovered clay in 1975 and soon after, realized that clay would be her artistic passion. The techniques Olga enjoys is hand building and throwing pots for burnishing, and sawdust firing by hot smoke. These techniques were employed for primitive pottery, originally used for food storage containers. Today, the sawdust fired pots are made from special clay, burnished with semi-precious stones, fired by hot smoke, and no glaze is applied. The pots are strictly decorative, and don’t hold water, but a glass container can be placed inside the pot to hold fresh flowers.


Through the long process of transforming raw organic material into a fine art object, every piece gains its own story, meaning, and purpose. It is the magic of this transformation that I wish to share with others.
— Olga Turok


There is deep meaning behind her black pots. Every vessel undergoes a long process of creation, which includes the elements of nature - Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Working on these pots makes Olga feel grounded and connected to the Earth-she finds working with clay meditative and fulfilling.


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