Some artists use paint, some create sculpture but Peter uses the viewer’s experience of engaging with the art as his medium of choice. Peter crafts the audience’s emotions of joy, fear, discomfort or excitement to create work that lights up the gallery experience of every attendee. Whether you experience his work as simply fun or get a bit deeper to the conceptual content, there is something there for you.

Virtual Palette Blurs The Line

between the artist and the audience as creators. The audience controls the artist through the use of a video games controller to paint a range of colours on the canvas. As each member of the audience leave their mark a fully collaborative piece is created from the audiences' minds and the artists hands. Forde believes that creativity happens not only in the creation of a piece of art but also when the audience's creative mind explores it. Take control, to lose control.

Real Virtuality flips the hyper real world of the video game into the real world. The game controller used by the audience controls the artist to navigate through the space. The audience tells the artist to gesture waves, thumbs up, bows and exchange high fives with the remaining audience. The audience jump into a hyper real world that exists in the real world and question. Who has ethical control in the space, the puppet or the puppeteer?