Jerry enjoys painting a variety of subject matter ranging from landscapes, figures, urban scenes, and anything that captures his interest. Painting for him is not so much about the subject as what draws and inspires him to paint each piece and how it is expressed.

“Jerry paints wonderful traditional landscapes, contemporary urban scenes, and near-abstract work, and his vibrant palette is reminiscent of Carl Rungius’ plein-air paintings. Very few artists have that kind of depth in their portfolio,” says Greg Fulton, owner of Astoria Fine Art in Jackson, Wyoming, who represents Jerry's work.

Always the consummate student, he continually strives to evolve and grow as a painter, often tackling subject matter that challenges him, whether by pushing the composition, altering light or color, or experimenting with how the paint is applied. Jerry describes painting as the quest to express an idea that words can't describe - a culmination of experiences, ideas and craft, that invokes thought and feeling from the viewer.

“I want to capture the essence of a subject more than the specifics. If the work is expressive and a bit undone, there is more room for the viewer to interpret, to access the painting through their own imaginings.”

A full-time painter for over 10 years, Jerry strives to live life fully and to grow in his journey of discovery, knowledge and finding his voice as an artist. He currently lives in the Okanagan valley of British Columbia, Canada with his wife, Leah.

Jerry's work has been featured in Southwest Art Magazine, Western Art Collector, Western Art & Architecture, International Artist, and Canadian Brushstroke Magazine, seen recognition through awards and can be found in galleries in North America. For more details see his website at