My name is Gordon Perreault, my Spirit name is Me Ko Tee Skun (Redhorn). I am from the Cree 

Nation of Northern Alberta (Lesser Slave Lake). In 1992, I moved to British Columbia and lived in and around Mission, B.C. I also lived in Victoria for four years as well.

My artistic influences come from my family background; My father and mother were talented artists, of their own style. I started learning about my own cultural background in 1991. My journey started as a helper to our Cultural Ceremonies, where I was taught to help others by the Elders. I was taught that the measure of my success in life is determined by the sacrifices I make.

I believe that I bring the West Coast and Cree Nation together within my own identity to create a style that is unique. Every painting I do is born within me of the teachings I have learned from the Elders.

My art has been shared with people in Europe, Asia, England, U.S.A., and all across Canada. I am honoured and I feel gratitude for all the people who have enjoyed my visions in the art I create.

"Kak' eyo net sannuck"

"All my Relations"

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