Many of my days are spent absorbing my surroundings. I stay still, I observe, I’m stuck, I’m captured by the beauty of the moment. I stay there feeling the reality of the beauty until I have exhausted the experience. 

Hypnotized, from the shape to the color, but especially by the vibration that it gives I always try, through my art, to share this kind of ‘’vibration".

My desire is to create the opportunity for the people to connect with my art. I want to shock, unsettle, upset, fluster, and disrupt the observer. I want to send the message of ‘’creepy beauty’’, touching the most remote part of every single human being, shaking the parameters of self­-confidence that every human carries with great effort.

We are accustomed and are convinced that we must show the best parts of ourselves, this makes us appear more confident in the eyes of others. If we deeply search, we will find that the root is ‘’insecurity’’. For this reason we hide our most primitive and frightened side.

I want to show that this side of a human being is the side that makes us human, the side that makes us afraid is the part that makes us alive. 

I was born in Italy in 1996, I came here 7 month ago for learn english and to enjoy this country and culture. I’m sorry if my english in not perfect but I am working hard on it.