Wood Artist

Woodturning became a part of my skill set at the age of nine when my father gave me my first instruction in the craft. Since that time I have always been drawn to turned objects as a way of showing off those qualities that make wood such an attractive medium. Having tuned wood for over 50 years, I now strive to take the turned form to a new level.

I work almost exclusively with local woods – and if not, at least grown locally. I enjoy creating art from wood that most people would through in the fireplace. Rather than considering the turned form as the end of the journey, I look at it more as the beginning.

After turning a piece I may use dyes to colour, carving to add texture, deconstructing and reconstructing to change shape or a combination of all of the above. Often I use various obscure turning techniques to create forms seemingly impossible to create on the lathe.

Working with the turned wooden form allows me to explore not only the appearance of wood, but also the sensations of colour, form and texture. It is my hope that my work allows others to do the same.