Zlata Hurtic first gained a passion for art as a little girl by watching her brother as he drew and painted in his free time. Inspired by his work, Zlata began to develop her own artistic style and pursue her dream of becoming an artist. She continued to work on her painting until a tragic car crash in 2006 caused an injury that crippled her creative energy. It was not until 2012 that a powerful spiritual awakening rejuvenated her creativity and spurred Zlata to paint again. She felt a new and vibrant, spiritual energy flow through her, connecting her with the surrounding natural world. Today, she continues to draw from this dynamic energy as she paints emotive and intensely spiritual paintings using color, shape and female figures to tell stories about the beauty of nature’s landscapes, animals, and people.

In her painting, Zlata experiments with a variety of techniques and materials to achieve her characteristically abstract style. She primarily works with ink, oil, and watercolors to emphasize interplay between color, texture and her themes of spiritualism, nature, and the female experience. Zlata’s paintings often feature feminine imagery such as the female form to suggest a strong maternal tone. She draws on her own experience as a woman and a mother by using these feminine symbols to represent the strength, wholeheartedness, and nurturing warmth of motherhood. Zlata often couples this imagery with that of animals, especially horses, to underline the beauty of the world around her and her own strength of spirit within her experience of femininity. 

Zlata was born in 1963 in Bosnia. In 1992, she and her family fled to Germany to escape the horrors of the Bosnian Civil War. She then immigrated with her family to Vancouver, Canada in 1998, where she lives and works. 

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