“Just me” not what “society” pressures; Raw art that focuses on self-expression, making parts of my journey present through the lines of intensity and experimenting with the blending palette.

Some say design is a song of the soul; My song is simple yet packs a punch of sparkle and shine. I take my paintings to their extremes, knowing I control the outlines and foundation. The destiny of each painting is a memory or a simple element that stood out. The energy surrounding me in that moment. Letting go of my reality, for discovering new textures, and showing all the beauty one colour possesses. With my passion for art, every detail is deserving. I take the time to consider every area, every setting, and every situation. My self-expression is part of my journey to set free and start a new adventure. I strive for success in ability; Mastering simple to complex techniques, sights to feel, uncut emotions to see. I am eager to continue forward.


Twitter: @stephanitly