Sunset Surfer, 18" x 36", digital print on acrylic glass


Stacey Bodnaruk is a Canadian, West Coast-based artist and photographer who has combined a passion for the Pacific with her art, creative design, and photography skills, to create something new called “art-ography”.

Burnt Trees, 18" x 36", digital print on wood


Swell. Surf. Ocean. Water. Sand. Forest. Mountains... These elements are illuminated in Stacey’s art. A natural blend of images are intertwined harmoniously to create a unique piece of artwork. Stacey draws inspiration from the mountains and ocean – an influence of power and beauty that she passionately incorporates into both her personal and professional life.

Surfer Peacock, 16" x 20", digital print on aluminum

Virgin Palm, 16" x 24", digital print on acrylic glass


The art-ography pieces have been inspired by a collection of images taken from her home town of Whistler, and from her travels through the mountains and coastlines of British Columbia, as well as Hawaii, Mexico, California, Costa Rica and the Caribbean.

Stacey has also had the opportunity to work closely with a variety of clients in the creation of “one-of-a-kind” customized artwork using subject specific images provided by both the client and Stacey herself.

Virgin Wave, 18" x 36", digital print on acrylic glass


“With creative balance between elemental layers and visual concepts, I am able to communicate a story which leaves the viewer directed but not limited to the freedom of interpretation.”


Photos are captured, edited, and creatively blended together digitally through layers and textures. All photography is original and has been acquired by the artist herself. Each art-ography piece tells a story through the visuals that are blended together into one cohesive piece.

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Phone: 604-935-5666