I started painting from a very early age. It was like paint and paper called me any moment that I was alone or had nothing else to do. I started to paint seriously about thirty years ago and have been lucky to have this gift with me to cope with life. Living through one of the biggest revolutions and the worst classic war of the century has given me a special perspective on the value of ordinary daily life and I try to project that through my work.

Nude Drawing, 11" x 6.5"


All artists are influenced by their environment and I am not an exception. In this series, I intend to open a window to a small corner of my life. This is the life of an emigrant woman who started her journey from the other side of the globe and so far has ended up here. Shoes are significant to me since my journey I have had in this world has started with me putting on my shoes, whether it was leaving home to met a lover or leaving to go to the other side of the world. My shoes have never betrayed me and have always been with me on tough roads. 

Watercolour painting has opened a new world of creativity and adventure for me. The way colours flow and mix with each other unleash my imagination and provides me with all sorts of opportunity to express myself through fluid dance of colours.

Necklace, clay

Any work of art is created by an artist, but I believe it should stand up and claim its place in the world by itself, start its own life and leave its own impression on each person it meets. Each work of art has its own story and message that is up to the viewer to feel, interpret and understand. Sometimes we feel touched by a piece and we take it in and share it with others through our life, and sometimes a paintings remains only a painting, a lifeless object. It is the interaction of the viewer with a work of art that can bring it to life.