Rowan is a musician based in Vancouver, B.C. We're excited to announce that he has written a song for our upcoming Lab Art Show 6 at Yaletown Roundhouse Mews on April 11, 2015. We asked Rowan to give us a sneak peak into his inspiration and process for this project:

"This piece was written for Tobias, who insisted that a distaste for jazz could be an asset when writing jazz. Not being a "jazz person," I relied on a few cheap tricks to infuse the piece with a bit of jazz flavour. As it seems particularly popular with jazz improvisers, and as I have never used it in my work before, it felt like a good time to play around with the idea of musical quotation. While a good portion of the melodic material is derived from tunes found in The Wizard of Oz, most of it has been manipulated beyond recognition, the sole exception and only real quotation of the piece being 'Over the Rainbow,' a melody that often gets stuck in my head."

Join us for an evening of music, art, dance, fashion, performance and an overall good time at LAB ART SHOW 6.