Screwed Up, 11" x 15"

I was born in Russia. When I was 16 years old my parents sent me to study in England. One year later I got accepted at CSVPA(Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts) where my journey began. After my graduation from high school I went to an art college for a film making course. During my two years in college, I met a lot of great people who inspired me to paint. Now I am 22 years old; I moved to New York, graduated from NYFA (New York Film Academy) and am still painting.

Pepper Acid, 8" x 29"


I get inspiration from the environment around me, city shapes, museums, street art, buildings, and nature. Paying attention to detail is what I have learned from films, and have transferred that into painting. I enjoy doing abstract work but each piece has a meaning behind it. Mostly I use acrylic, Japanese water colors, markers and ball point pen. Recently I've started to experiment with skateboard decks.

Geometrical Mirror, 11" x 15"