The Borrowed Gown , 32" H x 42" W

The Borrowed Gown, 32" H x 42" W

With a background of drawing during surgery as a medical illustrator, I thoroughly enjoy sketching people from life. For the past several years, I have occasionally been asked to create portraits during fairs, local celebrations and special events. Armed with a model, it takes me about 2 hours to complete a head and neck portrait in pastel (see the attached sample of “Family Tradition”). These portraits are either life size or slightly larger. I usually supply the model, or the venue might have a particular individual for me to paint. I enjoy the interaction with both the model (who does not need to remain perfectly still) and with the audience who always have lots of questions and comments.

  Family Tradition , 27" H x 32" W

Family Tradition, 27" H x 32" W

 Houston Revisited, 23" H x 27" W

Houston Revisited, 23" H x 27" W

I have a BFA in Fine Art (Syracuse University) and a MS in Art as Applied to Medicine (Johns Hopkins Medical School). I worked for a number of medical schools in the US and moved to Quadra Island, BC in 2005. I’m a Signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and the Portrait Society of America. My work appears in museums, private collections, medical centers and a variety of galleries in both BC and the US.

  Ukrainian Technicolor , 21" H x 18" W

Ukrainian Technicolor, 21" H x 18" W

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