I am a photographer from Vancouver Island and a member of the Nanaimo Arts Council. My photographic work has won local, regional and international awards as well as published postcards, book covers and magazine credits. My fine art photography includes: landscapes, seascapes, portraits, travel, abstract photography, still life, animals and introspective shots. I also enjoy creating images from using high end scanners and light boxes and then manipulating the image digitally with Photography has an element of magic for me with the capturing moments in time. My first photograph was taken when I was 6 years old. I'd love to borrow my father's Brownie box camera and take photos. Since then, I've used SLR, medium format and D-SLR cameras. There are photos that tell a story, amuse, shock or elicit introspection and awe. At art shows, I like to watch people's expressions as they look at photography. Attention to detail and observation are some of the skills I learned in Japan, martial arts and meditation. These skills cross over to photography as well.

For one of my university assignments in photography, I was once given the task of photographing a mushroom from dawn till dusk. I shot from every possible angle, shutter speed, F-stop and flash. The photo below was a two day event. The first day, the light was too dark by the pond, then when the sun moved it created harsh lighting, followed by a child who tossed a rock into the water and the duck flew off. The next day, I arrived back at the pond earlier and quietly approached the duck in the water. The lighting was fabulous and the reflections and colours were just what I was hoping for.

Duck on Emerald Waters, 16" H x 20" W