My Drawer, 8" x 4" x 7", wood

Leila has an artistic spirit and demonstrates her talent with work on different kinds of materials such as wood, pottery, fabric, and so on. She knows harmony in colours and styles that make fantastic interior and exterior designs. Leila is able to create fine antique pieces by Decoupage or patina on used and old pieces such as chairs, tables, wooden boxes, or simple earthenware. She is able to change the design of the old curtains and furniture covers to look like new styles.



                                     All About Blue, 12" x 26", wood

She believes landscape, paint finishing, and wall stone facing are also art and is going to gather different arts in order to create different and unique works that bring beauty and sense of an artistic design to your house. Her works, that are custom made products, reveal her sharp eyes and taste. She has been working eagerly since 2005.

Her home decoration is a combination of different types of works she does and it is a good showroom for customers. You may visit the showroom by booking an appointment.