Sweetness of Life, 24" x 36", mixed media on canvas


Kelly Lynn Kimball is an abstract, contemporary painter specializing in oil pastels. She uses her hands, instead of brushes, to blend and paint. Originally from Michigan, her main source of inspiration and rejuvenation comes from nature and the cyclical patterns of the seasons. One can see nature’s influence throughout her works with her signature vortexes eliciting the ebb and flow of emotional currents within the viewer. A superb colorist, her pieces manage to soothe and excite simultaneously, transforming any room into a gathering for conversation.

The Chief, 36" x 24", oil pastel on canvas


A self-taught artist painting since 2003, her first solo show was in 2005 in Santa Monica, CA. Since then, she has had solo and group shows throughout the Los Angeles Metropolitan area including multiple showings at Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk, Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Pasadena. Her first large scale commission piece was in 2006 for Douglas Emmett in Westwood, CA. Kelly created a 5 piece lobby installation that has since been sold. In 2009, Samitaur Constructs commissioned Kelly to create a 42 foot, 11 panel chalk-board pastel painting for the opening of their new restaurant in Culver City, CA. 

Tidal Wave, 18" x 36", oil pastel on canvas


She continues to evolve her technique, experimenting with alternative mediums and giving back to the community through Art Therapy workshops and programs. Recently, she has shown at Art Basel Miami, signed with an Italian Art Consultancy firm and is breathing life into live painting performances. Each new piece she creates has its own music soundtrack for the meaning and emotions that went into it. For Kelly, music and art are one and the same ~ they cannot live without the other; an ideal marriage in its expression.

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