Megan Lott creates laser cut leather jewelry and wearable art. All her products are carefully created here on Vancouver Island.

Each piece is an original design that is hand drawn and then scanned and traced into the computer. This process creates the soft copy artwork file that is needed to communicate with the laser cutter to cut and engrave the leather according to each different design. Once the designs are cut out and cleaned, they are then ready to be assembled and/or hand painted. She uses white, and distressed black leather, which give very different effects once cut and etched. The collection is a result of a 15 year journey, which started from studying technology and design in Toronto, and then moving to Milan to further her education. Then by following a path working in the clothing industry and being driven by passion, determination, and hard work.

Having had the opportunity to study and live in Europe was an experience that helped shape her style and career. It gave her valuable understanding of art and design, which are critical aspects of her work today. All of which were the foundation that have now enabled her to return to British Columbia and create a new craft that is a signature of al the things she has learned and is continuing to learn along the journey.