Vancouver - Canada Place , 20" x 28", Canvas

Vancouver - Canada Place, 20" x 28", Canvas

Jason is a 37 year old Illustrator/Art Director who grew up mainly in the golden prairies of Alberta, Canada, with a 4 year stint living overseas in Cyprus.  He obtained a degree in Education through the University of Alberta and then earned a degree in Design with an Illustration major from the Alberta College of Art and Design.  Since graduating his professional focus has been on freelance projects, while allowing time for work on personal creative projects as time permits.  Jason and a colleague have recently started a motion graphics studio and are now working building it up with a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

  Scouts - Hiking , 20" x 28", Canvas

Scouts - Hiking, 20" x 28", Canvas

Jason describes himself as part of the “G.I. Joe, Dukes of Hazard, Smurfs, He-man, Transformers, Big Wheels, play‑outside‑using‑your‑imagination, still‑holding‑onto‑our youth” generation.  His father was always making up “Big Fish” stories for Jason and his siblings, including such fantastical tales as always being on the lookout for snow alligators; that Jason is, in fact, an alien; and that people shouldn’t swallow chewing gum or it would likely cause them to grow a gum tree in their stomachs.  This creative influence and outlandish storytelling ensured that creativity and imagination were always present in Jason’s youth; ideas which have carried forward into his adulthood and are evident in much of his work.

Jason’s first steps towards painting and illustration came from a need to find a direction for his creative yearnings, a need to just create things based upon his imagination, no matter how wild the ideas were or where they led.  Once an idea finds him he has to keep it alive through art, regardless of the practicality.  Growing up he was able to foster this need alongside with his cousin, who was another strong creative influence in his life.  They were always doing something creative together, bouncing ideas off each other and keeping their dreams alive so that eventually his cousin ended up in movies and Jason in illustration.

  Vancouver - Lionsgate Bridge , 20" x 28", Canvas

Vancouver - Lionsgate Bridge, 20" x 28", Canvas

When describing Jason’s style of illustration one would likely arrive at whimsical.  He sees things through a modern perspective, with a mid‑century sensibility, and is enamored with the design and illustration ideas of this time period, which generally involve a clean, shape‑based movement.  Jason approaches his work from a “sunshine and lollipops” point of view, where everything is fun and happy.



Twitter: @Jason_Blower


  Going canoeing - Boat Launch , 20" x 30", Canvas

Going canoeing - Boat Launch, 20" x 30", Canvas