Fortune Keeper. 22" H x 18" W, porcelain clay

Spiritual investigation and inner development objectively shaped my muse. My muse is the interpretation of sensation, fascination, but then intuition, illumination. My muse is a sexless human figure who is mostly appears in a feminine shape. My muse is a brood who lives in never land. To my muse, any kind of worldly attachment is the root of being lost and distort. 

The Lady Earth, 23" H x 16" W, porcelain clay

The accent of inner essence has always formed my aesthetic, unleashed my mind, devoid my entity. Therefore, my muse is an origin of inner light, a mother of inner sight, A fountain of an incite. Creating, forming, carving figures for me is a journey trough the virtuosity, trough the mastery of creation. Mostly I use terracotta in my works and then use acrylic to colour them. My inspiration comes from the Anthroposophy philosophy. This philosophy is a path of knowledge that studies different paths of spiritual developments in human.