Alger Liang is a photographer based in Vancouver, BC who shoots street, architecture, landscapes, and portraits. He finds beauty in it’s simplest form, capturing the extraordinary from the most ordinary of scenes. Working with symmetrical angles, reflective imagery, silhouettes, shadows, and natural aspects, he is able to create artful compositions.

Photography for Alger is a great escape. Working in British Columbia gives him ample opportunity to work in a city setting, as well as a natural coastal environment. Surrounded by these two dualities, he is able to capture two contrasting worlds.

Through the new age of social media, Alger has found his place of inspiration through the photography community of Instagram. Recently, he hosted the #gastownmeet where Instagrammers alike came together in Gastown to meet each other, share photography advice and create content together. Check #gastownmeet on Instagram to see photos!

His work features scenes from our everyday lives and is a reminder to venture out, explore, and shed light on the beauty that typically goes unnoticed.


Instagram: @rellowyar

vsco: @algerliang