Seed of Life Vortex, 1.5 x 1 ft.

As a multi-disciplinary artist, my goal is to bring the audience out from the ordinary to experience the extraordinary. My painting focuses on mixing crystals with pain and applying the mixture to sacred geometry. I believe symbols speak to and create our subconscious which in turn creates the life around us. Placing the crystals in the paint amplifies the symbols I paint, giving them a meditative quality to the pieces, as each mineral is chosen for its colour and use within the painting itself. My dancing focuses on introducing the audience to various goddesses that may or may not be well known.

Eye of Horus, 12" x 12"

Each goddess is invited to be embodied in each performance, and each one creates a strikingly different dance. My aim is to remind people through dance how alive these goddesses still are, of their power, and how much they can bless or influence your life.

Sri Yantra, 12" x 12"

Currently working out of Nelson, BC my art shifts and evolves much like I do. My focuses include the study of sacred geometry, symbolism, death and crystals. My current projects include creating oil paint with minerals as the base and creating powerful paintings that are agents of change for your subconscious mind.

Untying Infinity Yoga Mat, 6 x 1 ft.