Over the past few years, I have come to realize that what makes me the happiest in life is when I'm creating something that didn't previously exist. It fascinates me that you can have a blank canvas in front of you, or silence in the air one moment, and a few seconds later have a work of art or a new piece of music that no one has ever seen or heard before (when I say "a few seconds later", I might be exaggerating a little). It's a pretty simple concept but it keeps me driven to continue creating things that weren't there moments ago, nonetheless.

I have always been intrigued by dreams, and inspired by the odd feelings or scenarios you can experience during them, which most of my artwork explores to some degree. I enjoy how in some instances you don't realize how peculiar the objects, beings or situations are until you reflect upon them once you are awake. I hope to capture the essence of this in my artwork and I continue to explore new ways to accomplish this.

I grew up in a very creative family. My father is an artist, my mother spent a bunch of years making jewelry, and my stepfather is a potter and my sister is a photographer. I decided at an early age not to become an artist in any way (as to avoid the struggle that always seemed present for acquiring money). In school, I took band instead of art and decided I'd become an architect. That was a fleeting thought, and off I went to film school instead, landing a career in film and television as a props person. After several years of "not being an artist" I figured it might be O.K. to do a few creative things, just for fun. I started making and recording music under the name "Roche Limit" (I have released three albums to date), shot a few music videos, made a few pieces of furniture, then a few didgeridoos, and then some paintings and now here I am, enjoying every moment of it.

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