Looking back at the path that led me to exhibiting in the 6th Lab Art Show, I never saw myself being here. However, I should have had an inkling if I thought more about my hobbies as a kid. As a youngster growing up at home, I always loved to draw or at least sketch something.

To tell you the truth, my mom still reminds me of her very frequent chores of cleaning the room walls of my home because I drew on them so many times!!. I am also quite grateful for discovering this part of me because I have been in the science field all through my academic career and am actually an Engineer in my day job.

To me, art, especially visual art, is a privilege to create and appreciate. Creating art is also a form of immortality that lives on after it’s creator is no more because it is a direct fruit of its creator’s mental endeavors.

Art is a very valuable vehicle for learning for me because when I draw I often research the history, cultures and world views of my subjects. 

My pieces tend to be inspired by cultural, philosophical and historical themes. I also do custom orders for parties that are interested.

Through my art I have been able to meet people and visit places that I never would have, and I am very grateful for the opportunities that have come my way and those that are to come in the future.

To conclude, I am very glad to be back on the art scene and I intend to enjoy the ride to the fullest!!!

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