Orange Oasis, 24" H x 36" W

I am a self-taught artist and when thinking back to childhood I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t creating. From mud pies to macramé and ultimately to painting.

I follow no rules and allow the creative spirit of play to rule the day. I find inspiration everywhere... how can you not? 

Goddess Moon, 36" H x 24" W

Dreaming Cello, 72" H x 48" W

The use of layers of color demonstrates the perfection of nature of spirit. I love the challenge of combining organic shapes and colors and allowing marvelous things to appear.

I strive for the balance between earth and the ethereal, between independence and connectedness, between giving and receiving, and between peace and excitement.

Garden Mystic, 48" H x 56" W

My absolute passion is acrylic paint. Big and bold color is my mantra. I dare to risk and find  myself living in the journey of the paining. My intuition takes the lead and “Brush will follow”. It is always my pleasure and an honour to do live painting... In fact, it is a dream.

Pink Flowers, 36" H x 42" W