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Island in the Sky, 30" x 45", print on aluminum

Island in the Sky, 30" x 45", print on aluminum

Shane Kalyn is a Vancouver-based photographer who has a sincere passion for and love of the natural world. He is inexplicably drawn to the four natural elements: air, earth, fire and water as each of these elements have distinct characteristics that can be photographically represented in a myriad of ways. Celebrating these essential building blocks of life, Shane, through his photography, tries to capture a mood and create an intimacy in his photographs that really draw the viewer in.

Community Through Colour, 24" x 36", canvas gallery wrap - 1.5"

Wild Horse in Birch Grove, 12" x 18", print on aluminum

Mending Feathers, 24" x 36", print on aluminum

Self-taught, Shane’s passion for photography has really developed in the last ten years. Over the past year (2014), Shane has received several distinctions being published in National Geographic, winning “Gold” in two of nine categories in the 2014 Toronto Star Photography Awards and being named Huffington Post’s photographer of the month in November. He is humbled and honoured by these accolades.

Rising From the Mist, 16" x 24", print on aluminum

Purple Haze, 20" x 28", print

Kalyn studied fish and wildlife management in university and now works as a fisheries technician. It's a job he says takes him to many parts of B.C. that most residents don't get to see. He is also a natural wanderer, having traveled to approximately thirty countries. 

Fox Greeting, 12" x 18", print on aluminum

Shane Kalyn, artist

“Being constantly exposed to such natural beauty, through work and travel, it makes perfect sense to bring a camera along. Mother Nature has done all the work, I just point a camera at it and press the shutter."

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Airport Sunrise, 20" x 28", print

Vancouver Under Fog, 12" x 18", print on aluminum